iPhone 4S: 4 Reasons to Upgrade

Apple has finally revealed its next iPhone — the iPhone 4S. The company is, as would be expected, calling it “the most amazing iPhone yet.” But what makes it better than the iPhone 4?
Apple fanboys and girls the world round might be disappointed that the new device does not live up to the mystique of the mythical iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4S is a dramatic leap forward in technological innovation and sophistication that will surprise mobile users — even current iPhone 4 owners.
Here are the four most significant reasons why Mashable think the iPhone 4S is worth the price of upgrading. Visit or call your nearest Wireless Wizard location with questions or to pre-order yours today.

Like Facebook? Check Out the new HTC Status

As you can imagine, AT&T was eager to show off its newly minted HTC Status at its holiday preview event, right up there along with a blue Xperia Play and the HP Touchpad 4G. If you'll recall, the Status is the HTC ChaCha that was announced a few months back, and what makes it stand apart from other Android handsets is a dedicated Facebook button for liking things on these very internets. In AT&T's case, it's also the carrier's first phone running Android 2.3. 

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