Choosing a Cell Phone Plan


Credit challenged? Like to avoid long-term contracts or unexpected bills? Use your phone sparingly or for emergencies only? Consider a prepaid cell phone plan option with GoPhone.

There are two ways to pay:
Pay As You Go lets you refill your minutes in three convenient ways—with refill cards, online or on your phone.

Pick Your Plan allows you to set up monthly charges without a two-year commitment.


If you're looking for an individual cell phone plan, gauge how much you talk per month and find the plan that fits you.


Do you have teenagers? Consider our family cell phone plans that let you share minutes and give you unlimited Night & Weekend and Mobile to Mobile Minutes.


Need constant access to email or the Internet? A PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or data-ready device paired with one of our data plans can keep you connected. Note: some data plans are tailored to specific devices. Also, keep in mind, you can purchase Data as an add-on feature to voice plans. Data plans are for data-focused devices.